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Faces ‘n’ Braces Dental Organization is targeted at promoting healthy and beautiful, everlasting smiles for the entire family. Our core focus is oral care excellence with emphasis on creating awareness and education on prevention of gum and dental disease. Though we run a dental practice exclusively to meet your dental needs, our aim is to educate and motivate people on how best to look after their teeth, remembering you are going to need them for a lifetime.

Before its establishment, surveys were carried out to assess oral health status of both children and adults and it was discovered that people went through needless pain of dental origin because of lack of information. Bringing teeth, lips and jaws into proper alignment not only produces a great smile but a healthy one as well. Straight teeth simply function better and are easier to clean. We realized at Faces ‘n’ Braces that right, daily preventive care including brushing and flossing will help stop most of the problems before they develop and are much less painful and inexpensive.

Our team are licensed professionals and are excited about what they do and do their best to make your visit comfortable and fun. We maintain a high standard of quality, integrity, and infection control. Service per excellence, a child-friendly surrounding, and a cordial patient-doctor relationship are our practice. The bonhomie of a happy environment will also be transmitted to you our family of patients.


To provide excellent quality care to all patients in an infection controlled environment while maintaining a balance in the art and science of dentistry in creating healthy beautiful everlasting smiles.


Creating healthy beautiful smiles


It is said our smile is our most valuable asset; it defines us and provides our identity. We greet the world with our smile. It boosts our self-esteem and confidence. Our mouth and teeth provides us the ability to eat, nourish our bodies and even breathe and sleep correctly.   We communicate and show our affection and all of the things that brings us joy and wellness.   When you visit our Dental Clinics, you will find our approach to dental care service delivery is different and designed to make your visit informative and enjoyable.

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One of the cleanest and professional places I had the chance to be in. The staff were friendly, the rooms very bright and the patient care excellent.

Tuke Morgan
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Faces and Braces offer service that is of international standards. I am always informed in advance of my appointment via text or a phone call.

Faces ‘n’ Braces

We are a full-service dental clinic, offering comprehensive orthodontist and dental services.

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